Flourish Lama (Blue)

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  • PREMIUM REUSABLE MATERIAL: No Glue/Pin/Nails needed for holding/hanging your favorite things. Flourish lama mobile stand is made of Nano rubber technology with higher holding strength & very lightweight. Now you can stick your favorite things anywhere you want with this super sticky pad.
  • ABSORPTION CAPACITY: Flourish lama gel pad has heavy absorption capacity, you can use it to stick things on kitchen cabinets, bathroom, tiles, dressing table, glass, smooth board, wood, metal, car etc. It is the perfect solution for all your fixing needs.
  • WASHABLE: Don’t worry when your sticky gel pad got dust or lost fixation effect. Harmless Nano Rubber Gel Pads can be reused by washing it with water only. It is not a use and throw material, you can reuse it after cleaning with water and it will regain its stickiness and shine swiftly.
  • ALL PURPOSE: It is easily adjustable. Best part is, it does not leave any sign when removed. You can use it to hold cell phone, small speaker, keys, knife, brush, show pieces, pen, iPhone, smartphones, wires etc. The best gift item for your friends or loved ones.
  • HOW TO USE: 1) Please keep the contact surface clean and dry. 2) Tear off the protection film. 3) Press hard for 5 seconds after sticking, and finally 4) Tear off the other protection film and install / use it. You can also refer to last picture (just click the zoomable image).




The Flourish Lama by AZUPER™ is a universal holder which easily adjustable and supporting both vertical and horizontal surface.

It is compatible with all iPhone and Android phones which is approx. 4-8 inches. Best usage in Office, Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Car, non-painted surfaces and other Places.


* Material: Flourish Lama Nano Rubber Sticker Pad

* Color Available: Black, Blue and Green (product color may slightly vary)

* Dimensions: Bone Sticker 5.5*13.5*0.35 cm and Stripe Sticker 3*15*0.5 cm.

* Weight: 68 gm /set

What You Get:

* Two pieces of AZUPER™ original Nano rubber pads.

* One rubber gel pad has bone / stripe so that it can be folded. You can take it anywhere without taking much space.


* Multi-Function wall/car sticker for cellphone, pad & other applications. This universal sticker is very useful for your daily life as it can hold many small electronic / home accessories, tools etc. You can use it to stick almost anything and anywhere you want like Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom, Office, Car etc.


* Once it dirty or lose its stickiness, just clean the dust by hand and wash it with water ONLY, do not use any other wipes or detergent.

* Note If the item/thing is heavier, vulnerable, expensive items, should try to avoid prolonged vertical or inverted paste, to prevent accidentally damaged. Please do not stick overweight objects. Do not expose it to the sun for a long time, especially in the car.

* Please ensure contact surface dry and clean before applying the gel pad. The color in the image may slightly vary from the actual color of the product.

Additional information

Weight 0.70 kg
Dimensions 15 x 5.5 x 1 cm